Many people can be pretty useless when it comes to arranging (and sometimes remembering) their anniversary, be it a marriage anniversary or a particularly unique anniversary between you and your partner - take a look at our essential guide to buying your anniversary flowers.
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Check out our list of anniversary flowers, year after the other.


Since this is your first anniversary, be it of a marriage or simply how long you and your partner have been together, Carnations represent the ties of lasting vows, they also represent commitment and encourage many years of joy.

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley signifies the purity of a relationship, along with modesty. Lily of the vally flowers are an extremely powerful symbol of love, perfect for your second anniversary.


Sunflowers are known to represent the bond which indicate warmth and strength, this is something that is shown within loyalty and fidelity.


Geranium means true friendship, this is a perfect memo to remind ones spouse and partner at this time within the relationship. Geraniums also represent comforting beauty and steadfast piety.


Innocence, gentleness and the signs of a romantic future are all signs and symbols created by the daisy flower.

Calla Lily

On your 6th anniversary, the Calla Lilly can symbolise the growth and beauty of celebrated love as well as wisdom.


The Freesia represents your 7th anniversary and symbolises both trust and faithfulness. Alternatively, many people choose Jack-in-the-Pulpit for their 7th anniversary.


Clematis flowers are of the more sophisticated kind, on your 8th anniversary these flowers represent mental beauty, clever intellectuals and ingenuity. 

Birds of Paradise

Celebrating love can be a tremendous event, birds of paradise are a popular type of flower for a 9th year anniversary.


According to many flower experts, a yellow daffodil reminds a couple about simple pleasures in life.


Red tulips are strongly associated with true love whilst purple symbolise royalty, combining the two for an anniversary will be truly special.


Peonies are most commonly known as the flower of riches and honor. With their rounded bloom, peonies can embody romance and prosperity, a perfect gift for your 12th anniversary.


Unknown to many, but this daisy-like flower actually has a “festival of happiness” to celebrate this flower. So for a 13th anniversary, this flower can become even more memorable.


Dignity and elegance is something many people achieve with age, therefore 14 years together can truly represent a couples strength and commitment.


Roses are most commonly bought for a variety of anniversaries, however they are specifically for the 15th anniversary. Roses represent balance, hope and new beginnings - and most importantly mature love.

Aster Flowers

Aster flowers are not particularly known to many, unless that person has high-knowledge of flowers. Aster flowers are known as a talisman of love and a symbol of patience.


The primary significance of the iris flower is faith, hope, wisdom and courage. Irises have a rich meaning and when given as a gift - ideally anniversaries, they can convey deep sentiments.

Sweet Pea

For the 30th anniversary, the lily flower can symbolise humility and devotion. However, lily flowers are also commonly used to symbolise that a soul has departed after death. Therefore, sweet pea flowers are an alternative, representing pleasure and thanks.


40 years together is an incredibly achievement, therefore to symbolise strength and moral integrity many will opt for the gladiolus flower.


50 years of a committed relationship deserves only the most bright, cheerful and warm flowers. Violets can represent innocence, purity and charm as most importantly the joy and friendship you both share.

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