Fall and vintage décor are an
absolute must this Autumn season.

The colour palettes and overall warming feeling come together in utter harmony. Autumn weddings can work in almost every location, with the leaves changing and falling beautifully to the ground arranging your flowers has never been more exciting, from burnt orange bouquets to rustic centre pieces.

Here are some of our top picks when it comes to Autumn weddings.

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The cool autumn weather will prompt for a more creative floral styling. This particular season ensures that the flowers are less affected by heat, meaning bouquets and decorations can be accessorised to many degrees. 

For example, woodland favourites can be incorporated into the design of your wedding reception along with pine cones and twigs to give an ultimate seasonal vibe.In terms of flowers, some of the most beautiful flowers look incredible during this Autumn season. Calla lilies make a wonderful choice when adding structure to designs. Contrasting white tone roses and other textural notes to bouquets will guarantee to stand out on the big day.


Buttonholes are a spectacular way to create an Autumnal bohemian look to your day. They are extremely cost effective and are wonderful for keepsakes after your wedding. For an ultimate rustic Autumn buttonhole - opt for Larkspur, Nigella seed pods, Feathers, Lavender, Thistle and Amarathus. To top it all off, depending on the brides dress.. tweed suits are extremely popular this season, especially when the cold climate comes into play.

Reception Centrepiece

There are so many ways to make your Autumn wedding quirky in ways that will suit your needs. Some of the most popular and memorable centre piece designs were actually made on a very low budget. For example, painted mason jars filled with dark fresh flowers. Perhaps having bright orange and dark red flowers displayed in a pumpkin vase will be the perfect quirk to your  alternative Autumn wedding.


If you are opting for a unique and personal wedding ceremony, personalising your alter can be a beautiful idea when implemented with only the best flowers. Rather than having the typical white arch, opt for something a bit warmer emphasising the romantic vibes. Flowers can also be decorated with beautifully draped fabric and tree branches.


So once you've decided which Autumn wedding style you are going for, have your truly gorgeous bouquet delivered from local florists, all from the Direct2Florist website. If you are simply attending an Autumn wedding, you can send flowers with outstanding delivery options. We provide only the most outstanding flower delivery service - for all occasions.